iAdvocates team

 The team is headed up by our REIV award winning agent & auctioneer Sam Babalis who is supported by a larger team of industry experts that supports all our agents in the process of choosing the right agents at the best rate for clients that engage us made up of a series of professional marketers, social media and graphic designers. A full time database operator sourcing buyers for our client’s homes and a great administration team, all add a family friendly environment and culture that is rarely seen amongst most real estate offices where competition within salespeople can often lead to misled agendas.

Here at iAdvocates, the success of our client’s property is our priority and not boasting about record prices or clearance rates to any third party publication. In most cases, some of our high profile clients actually prefer the anonymity of their assets leaked to media and more importantly the final sale price, so we respect each client’s individual circumstances and can ensure that results are kept confidential. Every extra dollar we achieve for our clients when selling is an extra $2 in the economy as your family home is the last safe tax haven remaining in this country. We won’t need to rush off to the next auction like 99 per cent of agents need to. We will remain behind until we have achieved the best price because your property result means more to us not delaing with the large volume of your traditional real estate agencies.

We love dealing with clients that can see the benefits of having their best interests protected by us as opposed to a third party running their own agenda and sometimes even misleading clients in decisions so that as to benefit their own pocket or exposure.

Call in today and we are more than happy to meet in person and discuss the benefits of dealing with our team over any other buyer agents or vendor advocates in the Inner & Eastern corridor of Melbourne. All we ask if for you to listen to how we work and what we can offer you.