For a little as $550 including GST, we can offer you a comprehensive buyers report on whether the home is worth the money being quoted by the vendors selling agent. Don’t get caught out buying the best house in the street or quoted overpriced sale prices of neighbouring homes.
We are able to provide a report on how the proposed home you are interested in purchasing compares with other recent sales in the street and neighbouring streets to guide you as to what a fair price would be. We can help you so you don’t overpay for a property.
We can provide you an invaluable source of historical data on how that home has performed in price over the years and a forecast of how the home will perform in the years ahead.
We can negotiate with the selling agents on your behalf as we have more often than not have more experience than the selling agent.
Having an advocate shows the selling agent your offer is well researched and is a very powerful document that accompanies your written offer when being discussed with a seller.
Buying your first home is a big and daunting step. iAdvocates can ensure you are buying the right property at the right time, in the right spot and at the right price.

Tired of being told by an agent that the property must go to auction even though you are ready to buy it now?
Let us show you how we overcome this situation almost every time.
Once you have contacted us and we have met you at your current home, we are able to very quickly identify the non negotiables for your next property purchase and best utilise our skills and resources to find that unique element of what you need in a home.
Working around children can be tricky when they are quite young and even trickier when they are studying for exams. We can create a strategic plan to find a property with the least amount (if any) inconvenience to your everyday family life and schedule.
Working out your changeover costs with iAdvocates will be invaluable. Most people are unaware how many fees are involved in buying and selling real estate.
Once you move towards the simple solution of engaging iAdvocates and having an expert to negotiate on your behalf, you will ask yourself: Why were we not told of this service earlier?
Save yourself the time of attending open homes on weekends and save your sanity. iAdvocates is the perfect solution.

Many real estate offices and their agents are remunerated more highly for listing homes for sale rather than selling them believe it or not? We will ensure that your current homes value is kept confidential when you are looking to go out shopping for a new one.
When you finally find a home to buy, it is a huge disadvantage to you if the agent has seen your home before hand as they now know your assets worth and will ensure they push you to your financial limit. Don’t ever forget that when you meet an agent at an open for inspection, they are working for that seller and not you. Ask yourself why they are always so keen to find out where you live?
Engaging iAdvocates will bring you up to speed with all the new rules/laws when purchasing a home. A lot has most likely changed since you did it the last time.
Having someone represent you professionally means you can walk around anonymous and not disclose your interest to the agents.
If you are looking for assistance and sound advice to move forward to the next stage of your life, iAdvocates can help.
iAdvocates translate quote ranges/sales methods into simple English and insulate you from agent talk.

If you buy a development block from an Agent, you still have the option to find the best Agent to sell once completed. Don’t be held to ransom by listing with the same Agent. The Agent that sold you the block may not be the best Agent to sell it. We can help you find the best and most experienced Agent based on your development location and particulars.
Once you engage us, your details and the value of your real estate assets are kept strictly confidential working in your favour. We deal with several hundred builders/developers a year and they now realise that having us represent them keeps the agent at arms length when negotiating. Many larger developers have caught agents they thought they had a relationship with quoting them higher comparable sales prices to convince them to pay above and beyond the asking price of the owner.
Engaging iAdvocates means you are always given access to great sites to build on or ‘Off Market’ sites to purchase. With over two decades of experience, iAdvocates can take over the marketing of your project development and choose the right agent to sell the project to maximise the results for you.
Whether you have questions regarding architects, selling agents, building sites, permits and approvals, we have the experience to steer you in the right direction.
Whilst you keep on with your normal day to day activities, we will document a full brief of what your property purchase requirements are, the budget you are working towards and send out the search party.
We will inspect open for inspections / auctions / private inspections on your behalf and report back to you.
We will also co-ordinate bank finance / brokers / agents on your behalf and arrange legal representation if required.
We can advise and recommend independent building and pest inspections.
iAdvocates will contact our extensive buyer agent database to inspect properties ‘quietly’ on the market and can provide reports on comparable sales and establish sound advice on the properties market value.
iAdvocates will build a strategy around securing the property, often prior to auction, putting you ahead of any competition.
This package is designed for the astute buyer/investor that understands that engaging iAdvocates as their buyer agents will often allow us to engage the selling agent on their own terms and assist you in making a researched, educated decision without emotion attached. And at the end of the process - you will have your dream home.